Open call: შემეცნებითი/საგანმანათლებლო ტური ნიუ იორკში / educational study tour in New York

გეოეარი მოხარულია გაცნობოთ, რომ ლევან ხუჯაძე CEC ArtsLink-ის მიერ არჩეულ იქნა ნიუ იორკში რეზიდენციაში მონაწილეობის მისაღებად / GeoAIR is happy to announce that Levan Khujadzé has been selected by CEC ArtsLink as a participant in the Global Art Lab Public Art Residency in New York in July 2014. 

CEC ArtsLink გეოეართან თანამშრომლობით ხელოვანებს და კურატორებს საქართველოდან სთავაზობს შემოიტანონ განაცხადი შემეცნებით-საგანმანათლებლო ტურზე ნიუ-ორკში, 2014 წლის ივლისში. სტუმრობის მიზანია საჯარო სივრცეში არსებული ხელოვნების საუკეთესო მაგალითების გაცნობა.

CEC ArtsLink, in collaboration with GeoAIR invites artists and curators from Georgia to apply for fully-funded intensive ten-day educational study tour in New York, focusing on best practices in the field of Public Art.

Travel dates: 
July 15 – 25, 2014

Host organization
CEC ArtsLink
Global Art Lab Public Art Residency in New York

Description of the study visit:
Six artists and curators from Central Asia, Armenia, Georgia and Russia will travel to the U.S. from July 15 – 25 to participate in  an intensive ten-day educational study tour focusing on best practices in the field of Public Art.  The residency aims to acquaint participants with the activities of organizations and artists working in the field of public art in New York and to facilitate a dialogue and collaboration between Central Asian, Caucasus, and American colleagues.

During the visit the group will have the opportunity to learn how public art programs are created in the U.S., how a variety of cultural organizations in New York function, and to become acquainted with the work of artists working in the field of public art. The program includes in-depth site visits and meetings at leading contemporary arts organizations, including the Museum of Modern Art, New Museum, Elastic City, Art in Odd Places, Times Square Alliance, No Longer Empty, and the Laundromat Project; panel discussions with U.S. artists working in the fields of street art, public art, and socially engaged art; hands-on public art workshops; artist studio visits; and excursions to view public art works in New York.  Throughout their visit, participants will be accompanied by bilingual CEC ArtsLink staff members.

Artists and curators from Armenia, Georgia, Central Asia and Russia dedicated to the development of public art in their communities and interested in collaboration with their American colleagues are invited to participate in this residency program.  Priority will be given to candidates with demonstrated experience in and commitment to the fields of public art and street art. Applicants will be required to submit a CV and work sample as well as complete an application form focusing on questions about their experience, why they want to participate, what they want to learn, and how they will use this new information.

Participants will be chosen on a competitive basis by CEC ArtsLink in consultation with a selection committee of Russian, Caucasus and Central Asian specialists.  Applications can be submitted in English by e-mail.  Because of the limited number of placements available, potential candidates will be nominated by regional specialists in the field.  English fluency is not a requirement, although some knowledge of English is preferred.  Preference will be given to applicants without prior experience in the U.S.

Host organization covers:
Educational study visit in New York City, July 15 – 25, 2014
International and local travel
Visa fee and support with relevant documents

NOTE: selected artists will be responsible for obtaining visa for the visit.

We are searching for an artist and/or curator from Georgia, who is dedicated to the development of public art in their communities and interested in collaboration with their American colleagues
Applicant should be able to know English on at least working level
Compulsory attendance and participation
Presentation/public event about the residency project upon return to Georgia

Application instructions:
Interested candidates should submit following documents (all written in English and named as below)

Curriculum Vitae (file name: CV_name_surname)
Work sample / Portfolio (file name: portfolio_name_surname)
Completed application form (file name: application_name_surname)

Deadline: 20 February, 2014  

Please send it via email (subject line: CEC ArtsLink/GeoAIR application) to infogeoair@gmail.com 

More information about the host organization: http://www.cecartslink.org/

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